Dreaded Quarterly Revenue Numbers

Quarter end – a time when short-term panic can lead to long-term disaster.  Boards often push for results that are based on quarterly numbers without fully understanding the overall strategy and vision of the company.  It is the CEOs responsibility to work with their executive team to communicate that vision far and wide and help eliminate the tendency of the short-term panic.

Leading celebration based on a quarterly number kills innovation and long-term success.  Winning as a company is a marathon and to treat it as a series of sprints means you’re training for the wrong race.

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Reputation, Meet Personal Brand

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Whether we like it or not, our reputation now extends to our digital presence.  Using online channels, when managed properly, can help you grow your business and create influence in your industry.

Consumers now want connection and the best connection is with people.  Developing your personal brand not only helps you connect more efficiently with your market but also takes you on a quest to find out what is most important to you – your passion.

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Be a Lifelong Learner

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We all like to be viewed as successful – whether in life or business.  How successful we truly are is often limited by one fundamental belief:  I know that already.

When we shut off our minds to new ideas, new knowledge, and new perspective; we often put up a barrier that limits how far we can go.  It’s really as simple as:

  • Opening your mind
  • Asking questions
  • Listening actively
  • Learning and progressing

It’s amazing what you can do when you practice these four simple actions.

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Content is Your Brand


There is a lot of debate on whether you can measure the success of a good content marketing program.  The problem is that most try to measure everything using the same metrics.  Content marketing is not about driving sales.  Content marketing is about driving your brand and your customer relationships.  Making your customers a part of how you’re telling your story or educating them on the benefits of your story, positions your company to have long-term advocates of your brand.

Ultimately, you’ll be measuring your ROI all the way to the bank.  When you want long-term advocate relationships – read more.

Purpose: Builds Culture and Drives Growth

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Purpose – we’d all like to have one. Connecting your purpose to your brand can have a direct impact on your customer’s experience, your employees’ engagement, and your company culture.   Think about this.  What if you were able to have your brand reflect your purpose and culture.  Imagine the focus and empowerment of your employees.

Think about how your culture could set you apart in the marketplace.  Understand the authenticity that your purpose and culture bring to solving every day issues – ultimately keeping the focus on what’s most important – your customers and your people.

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Be Authentic in Your Brand

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You can’t create authenticity. You can only be authentic.

Being authentic to your brand means that at the very core, you know who your company is; what it does; and for whom it serves.  You understand the value it brings and are able to articulate it in a way that really connects.

Tell your brand’s story. Be your brand’s voice. Live your brand’s values.

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Take Action on Small Issues

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Taking action on small issues, while keeping larger initiatives in focus, really is a big thing.  It’s important to build momentum using smaller wins since larger initiatives often take a longer time and aren’t as quick to show the results.  Pull those smaller wins front and center to increase empowerment and learning this the team.  This not only enhances collaboration but it also creates and environment of high employee engagement.

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Agility to Act

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Do you have the agility to act and market like an underdog?  The urgency of needing to prove yourself can motivate employees and force you to rethink how you’re doing things.  This creates an environment of innovation.  It also connects with the consumer. People love to see the “against all odds” stories and they relate to them too.  Be careful to form a narrative that supports your underdog status while also showcases your competencies.  Above all else – serve your customers well.

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Continual Progression

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No matter where you start, continual progression and personal development can take you places unimagined. It’s important to understand your priorities and spend your time on what’s most important. Surrounding yourself with great people and always keep moving forward.

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The Need for Connection

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The need for social, personal, and local connection to consumers is igniting the trend for big brands to feel small(ish). Brands like Chobani maintained their small company values while being a large company by continuing to focus on the future and taking risks. They understood the value of continuing to evolve by keeping the brand fresh and pushing the envelope.

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